Raw Feeding Guide

Transitioning your dog to raw feeding with Rathlin Raw is an exciting step towards better health! Let's make it easy with these steps:

  1. Calculate Daily Feed:
    Use our calculator below by entering your dog's weight to determine the right amount of food each day.

  2. Introduce Gradually:
    To avoid any tummy troubles, introduce the new raw food slowly. Over 10 days, gradually increase the raw food portion while decreasing kibble or canned food.

Here’s how to follow the transition period, if you never fed your dog raw food before.

How much do I feed?

Determining the right amount of raw food for your dog depends on several factors. As a rule of thumb, aim to feed 2-3% of their body weight each day. But how does this translate into practical feeding amounts?

To calculate the daily feeding amount, you'll need to know your dog's weight. Use our free raw feeding calculator below to easily determine the portions for adult dogs. Keep in mind that portions for puppies will be different.

Raw Dog Food Calculator


1. Dog Weight: 15kg

    Daily: 300-450 grams
    Twice a Day: 150-225 grams per meal

2. Dog Weight: 20kg

    Daily: 400-600 grams
    Twice a Day: 200-300 grams per meal

3. Dog Weight: 30kg

    Daily: 600-900 grams
    Twice a Day: 300-450 grams per meal

How this is calculated?

15 kg * 3% = 0.45 kg
0.45 kg * 1000 (grams in 1 kg) = 450 grams

How to know if I am doing it right?

To ensure your dog's raw food diet is on track, pay attention to their stool. Ideally, it should be firm, not too hard or too soft. White and crumbly stools or straining during toileting may indicate excess bone in the diet. Consider boosting tripe content. If stools are too loose, reduce tripe and increase bone for balance. Expect reduced thirst and stool frequency.


  • Freeze the product.
  • Consume within 72 hours once defrosted.

TIP:  For convenience, slightly defrost large Rathlin Raw products. Divide into portions based on your dog's needs. Freeze these portions in containers or bags. This method ensures easy access to pre-measured servings, simplifying mealtime while preserving freshness and quality.