Rathlin Raw FAQs

What is BARF?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Feeding as nature intended.

How Much should I Feed?

This is a GUIDELINE only. The important part is that a fully grown (adult) dog needs 2-4% of its body weight daily. If a dog needs to lose weight or is not particularly active, feed 2%. If a dog needs to gain weight or is highly active, feed 4%. Otherwise, feed 3%. For more guidance on the transition, see our blog on making the switch to raw!

How Much will it Cost?

This depends on the dog's breed, age, weight, and dietary requirements. A dog on a balanced diet of 1kg per day (each of our chubs is 1kg), would average £31.00 per week. Rathlin Raw food is a high-quality product and our prices reflect that. In the long term, feeding raw can negate the need for vet visits.

Do I Have to Add Anything?

No. When feeding the Raw Complete range or a balance of all our products, nothing needs to be added. If feeding only Simply Raw you may wish to add 10% vegetables and/or berries. If feeding Green Tripe only, we suggest adding vegetables and some offal.

How Do You Store It?

All Rathlin Raw products are freshly frozen to detain quality, once defrosted, stay refrigerated, and last 3 days.

Is Feeding Raw Dangerous?

With any raw product, there is a risk of Salmonella poisoning in both dogs and humans. Proper hygiene practices will eliminate the possibility of poisoning in humans. Rathlin Raw undergoes regular testing by DAERA to ensure it is safe and nutritionally balanced for dogs.

Can I Receive Doggy Kisses After My Dog Has Just Eaten?

Absolutely! Good luck trying to tell them that they cannot. Again, proper hygiene will eradicate any risks.

How Do I Change My Dog's Diet?

Here, you have two options:

  • Go "cold turkey".
  • Gradually introduce the new product over 10 days. ***Warning...Rathlin Raw is so tasty that you may have trouble getting your dog to actually eat the kibble.*** emailing us is the best way to get advice here as we will calculate exactly how much allowance is required for a successful transition.

My Dog Won't Try It, Help!

We have three methods here:

  • Try the "yum, this is so tasty" method. Dogs love eating what we eat. Pretend to eat some of your dog's food and they will give it a go.
  • You can flash-fry (hot pan, 2 seconds, each side) the food. This releases those delicious smells, enticing the dog. From here, toss the food on the floor, allowing the dog to scavenge for it.
  • Be cruel to be kind. If your dog does not eat, they may be telling you they are not hungry. Lift the food, cover and place back in the fridge. At the next mealtime, try again. When the dog realises that that is all it is getting, it will eat.

Does It Smell?

Not going to lie, some Rathlin Raw produce does smell. The higher the green tripe content, the whiffier it gets. What smells horrendous to us though, smells so good to our dogs.

Will there be Blood?

Yes, but add it to your dog's dinner. They do not mind.

Why is my Dog not Drinking as much?

Rathlin Raw, is naturally, moisture-rich. Our kilos contain 60-75% moisture. Your dog simply does not need to drink as much.

How Should Their Poos Look?

Poos should be small, soft, yet 'pickupable' (after a successful transition). Since your dog absorbs most of the nutrients from raw dog food, you may find that they go less often.