Health & Nutrition

  • Is Feeding Raw a Trend or not?

    Is raw feeding just a fleeting trend, or is it a timeless choice for optimal pet nutrition? Explore the truth behind raw feeding, myths and highlighting its benefits. Learn why Rathlin Raw provides top-quality raw food options for your pet's health and well-being.
  • Why Change to Raw Dog Food

    Discover Rathlin Raw: Nature's way of feeding your dog. Our raw dog food boosts energy, alleviates skin and gut issues, and enhances coat shine.
  • How Does Gut Health Affect Behaviour

    Everyone has heard the phrase 'trust your gut’. This phrase suggests that your gut is somehow connected to your mind and intuition. It gives the id...
  • Why sea kelp is used in Rathlin Raw!

    If you're a dog lover, you probably already know that raw dog food is great for your dog's health. But did you know that at Rathlin Raw, we add Se...
  • Does your dog get enough Omega 3?

    It is vital that your dog gets Omega 3 in its diet . Rathlin Raw Premium Dog Food contains natural sources of Omega 3 for your dog. Raw meat contains enzymes that allows the Omega 3 to be absorbed easily.