Rathlin Raw FAQs


What is BARF?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Feeding as nature intended.



How much should I feed?

This is a GUIDELINE only. The important part is that a fully grown (adult) dog needs 2-4% of its body weight daily. If a dog needs to lose weight or is not particularly active, feed 2%. If a dog needs to gain weight or is highly active, feed 4%. Otherwise, feed 3%. For more guidance on the transition, see our feeding guide here or raw dog food calculator here.



How much will it cost?

This depends on the dog's breed, age, weight, and dietary requirements. For an adult dog weighing approximately 17kg, with a daily intake recommendation of about 500g of Rathlin Raw food, here's how the cost breakdown would work with the "Green Tripe and Ox Heart - Simply Raw" option:

  • Daily Intake: 500g
  • Chub Size: 1kg (lasting 2 days per chub)
  • Cost Per Chub: £3.30

For a full week:

  • Chubs Required Per Week: 3.5 (as one chub lasts for two days)
  • Total Cost for the Week: 3.5 chubs x £3.30 per chub = £11.55

Breaking it down to a daily cost:

  • Daily Cost: £11.55 / 7 days = approximately £1.65 per day

Explanation for Potential Customers:

Feeding your dog Rathlin Raw’s Green Tripe and Ox Heart - Simply Raw not only provides a nutritionally rich and balanced diet but is also cost-effective. At just £1.65 per day, you can ensure your dog receives high-quality, raw nutrition that supports their health and vitality. Remember, investing in good nutrition can also lead to fewer vet visits, saving you money in the long run.



Do I have to add anything?

No. When feeding the Raw Complete range or a balance of all our products, nothing needs to be added. If feeding only Simply Raw you may wish to add 10% vegetables and/or berries. If feeding Green Tripe only, we suggest adding vegetables and some offal.



How do you store it?

All Rathlin Raw products are freshly frozen to detain quality, once defrosted, stay refrigerated, and last 3 days.



Is feeding raw dangerous?

With any raw product, there is a risk of Salmonella poisoning in both dogs and humans. Proper hygiene practices will eliminate the possibility of poisoning in humans. Rathlin Raw undergoes regular testing by DAERA to ensure it is safe and nutritionally balanced for dogs.



How do I change my dog's diet?

Here, you have two options:

  • Go "cold turkey".
  • Gradually introduce the new product over 10 days.
  • Learn more about raw feeding in our guide here.



My dog won't try It, Help!

We have three methods here:

  • Try the "yum, this is so tasty" method. Dogs love eating what we eat. Pretend to eat some of your dog's food and they will give it a go.
  • You can flash-fry (hot pan, 2 seconds, each side) the food. This releases those delicious smells, enticing the dog. From here, toss the food on the floor, allowing the dog to scavenge for it.
  • Be cruel to be kind. If your dog does not eat, they may be telling you they are not hungry. Lift the food, cover and place back in the fridge. At the next mealtime, try again. When the dog realises that that is all it is getting, it will eat.



Does it smell?

Not going to lie, some Rathlin Raw produce does smell. The higher the green tripe content, the whiffier it gets. What smells horrendous to us though, smells so good to our dogs.



Why is my dog not drinking as much?

Rathlin Raw, is naturally, moisture-rich. Our kilos contain 60-75% moisture. Your dog simply does not need to drink as much.



How should their poos look?

Poos should be small, soft, yet 'pickupable' (after a successful transition). Since your dog absorbs most of the nutrients from raw dog food, you may find that they go less often.  



How long it will take to deliver my order?

Please note that while we strive to offer the best possible service, the actual delivery process is handled by DHL for NI deliveries, Royal Mail for GB, Fastway Couriers for Ireland. Unfortunately, we don't have control over their operational decisions once the package is collected from our facility.

Click here for more detailed delivery information


My order will be delivered in 2 days. Will it arrive defrosted?

If you received an email saying your order will be delivered in 2 days. There is no need to panic. 
For NI, we have 48 hour service with DHL, therefore it shows on their tracking website the delivery in 2 days. Normally they do deliver the next day, once it has been collected from the factory. In rare cases it takes 2 days to deliver, you will still receive it solid frozen due to thermal box packaging. This has been tested. Even though if you receive your order slightly defrosted on the sides, it is still safe to refreeze.


What is the difference between Raw Complete and Simply Raw?

Raw complete is a complete meal with seasonal vegetables and berries, where you do not have to add anything, whereas while feeding Simply Raw range you may wish to add 10% vegetables in order for your dog to receive all the essential nutrients. 



What safety measures do you take in preparing Rathlin Raw dog food?

We adhere to strict safety protocols including sourcing our ingredients from trusted local suppliers, performing regular lab testing of every batch, and maintaining a controlled production environment to ensure the highest quality and safety.


Do you offer any products for dogs with allergies?

Our products are not designed to treat any allergies. It is always advisable to consult with the vet, if your dog has any medical condition.


Why I cannot add liver cake to my subscription?

Our subscription options are limited to products made in our factory due to system constraints and margin considerations for items sourced from external suppliers. 



How can I change the date of my subscription?

While you are able to amend the frequency of your subscription, the products under your subscription, pause and cancel it,  you cannot change the billing date, if you need to do this, please contact us by clicking here.