The Story of Rathlin Raw Premium Dog Food, from Northern Ireland

Rathlin Raw are local manufacturers of the best quality raw dog food in Northern Ireland.

We are a group of dog lovers that got together to create our own brand of dog food.

Unhappy with the quality of dog food available, we began to research - what ingredients would go into THE BEST dog food.

We wanted recipes that were nutritionally balanced and contained fresh raw meat.

We would source raw meat for dogs, direct from the farmer.

We would find local Irish producers for fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit.

We would package it for convenience here in NI, so that it could be stored easily and served easily.

We added superfoods to improve the health of your dog.

Our research highlighted the need to add a source of Omega 3 as it reduced inflammation, which is linked to so many health issues for dogs. Of course this had to be natural as we don’t believe in artificial supplements!

We found that on the shores of Northern Ireland, there is one of the finest sources of Omega-3; sea kelp from Rathlin Island.

We also add Taggart’s Salmon oil, as this is a fantastic food that is also rich in Omega 3.

These 2 superfoods are added to our products to strengthen your dog’s immune system, reduce inflammation and protect organ health.

We believe that food is the best medicine!

We are on a mission to improve dog health the natural way!