The Story of Rathlin Raw, the Premium Dog Food from Northern Ireland🐕

Picture a group of passionate dog lovers, united by a shared vision - to create something truly extraordinary in the realm of dog food. And so, Rathlin Raw was born.
What makes us pawsitively unique? Well, we source all our ingredients from local farmers right here in Northern Ireland🧑‍🌾. From farm-fresh meat to the juiciest fruits and veggies, we believe in supporting our local community while serving up the tastiest and healthiest meals for your pups.
Here's where things get really exciting - we've discovered a hidden treasure from Rathlin Island: (hence, the name of the brand!) fresh kelp! This incredible seaweed is a superfood for dogs, packed with Omega-3. And there's more! We were embraced by the incredible benefits of Taggart's Salmon oil, a truly fantastic food rich in Omega-3. By including these two superfoods into our products, we aimed to boost your dog's immune system, reduce inflammation, and safeguard the health of its precious organs.

Rathlin Raw Food Ingredients

Nutrition is at the heart of what we do. Our goal is simple: to improve the health and well-being of dogs in a natural way. We believe in keeping things natural, wholesome, and nutritionally balanced without any artificial additives or shortcuts. When it comes to your fur babies, we want nothing but the best and we're all about making sure your pups are happy and healthy from the inside out.

Convenience was paramount to us. We wanted to make life easier for pet parents, so we meticulously packaged our products with their convenience in mind. From storage to serving, we aimed to simplify the process, allowing for more precious moments of joy spent with our beloved companions.

At Rathlin Raw, we firmly believe that food is the best medicine. We are on a passionate mission to improve dog health, empowering our furry friends to thrive naturally. With each carefully crafted meal, we take another step toward our vision of a healthier, happier canine community.


🐾So, join us on this pawsome journey!🐾Treat your four-legged companions to the flavors of Northern Ireland, lovingly crafted with ingredients from our local farmers and the nourishing power of Rathlin Island's fresh kelp. Let's make your dogs' tails wag with joy and their coats shine with vitality. With Rathlin Raw, it's all about bringing the best of nature to your furry family members, one delicious bite at a time 🐕‍🦺